Accessibility Tools

Hearing-AccessoriesHearing aid accessories come in many varieties and are designed to meet users’ specific needs. While today’s advanced digital hearing aids are more effective than ever before, they still fall short in certain situations. Hearing aid accessories are designed to fill in your needs when your hearing aids fall short on their own.

Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

There are several different types of hearing aid accessories that serve varying purposes. Here’s a look at some of the most popular hearing aid accessories our Akron patients choose:

Bluetooth® Accessories

Wireless connectivity is important in today’s technological world, and Bluetooth devices make connecting with all the electronics in your life simple. There are several different styles of wireless accessories to choose from, though they all perform the same basic function. These accessories allow you to stream audio from your smartphone, TV, computer, tablet, MP3 player, in-car entertainment system and any other Bluetooth device straight to your hearing aids so you never miss a word.

Batteries & Parts

Batteries are essential to your hearing aids’ functionality, and you should always have several spares on hand at home, at work and on the go. Some hearing aid styles may also have other disposable components including tubing and wax filters. If your hearing aids have any disposable parts, be sure to keep at least two of each component on hand.

Cleaning Tools and Dehumidifiers

There are several cleaning tools and kits available, and many hearing aid users choose to invest in at least one tool to make nightly cleaning more efficient and effective. Dehumidifiers are another great option for removing all earwax and moisture from your devices. They can be used overnight while you sleep, making the cleaning process a breeze.


There are several phones made specifically for those with hearing loss. Different models perform different functions, including phones that light up when ringing, phones that display conversations in captions, and phones that transmit audio directly to your hearing aid wirelessly. If you struggle with phone conversations, ask your audiologist which type of accessory would work best for your needs.


Personal microphones are great accessories for Akron hearing loss patients who often find themselves struggling to hear conversations in noisy environments. Microphone accessories are typically small clip-on or pen-shaped devices that can be worn by speaker or placed on a surface nearby. These hearing aid accessories transmit the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids for clear communication.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are personal amplifications systems that work great in situations where the speaker is far away, there is excessive background noise or the environment creates poor acoustics. ALDs have two parts: the transmitter and microphone component, which is placed near the source of sound, and the receiver and speaker, which is worn near your ear. ALDs are popular in theaters, classrooms, churches, conference rooms, courtrooms, lecture halls and more.